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Preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games continues this week, with Wales’ women’s team capitalising on their warm weather training camp in Gran Canaria. The camp has been the perfect opportunity for the squad as they stepped up their training as the Gold Coast draws near. The warmer climes have not only exposed them to unfamiliar climates, but it has also ensured that a number of quality sessions can be completed without the fear of the dreaded British winter. Perhaps most importantly though, it has afforded the chance for the group to further cement their team culture.

The 10-day camp has so far seen Wales play 3 out of 5 training matches against neighbouring Scotland, culminating in a draw and 2 tight losses to a penalty corner but Head Coach Kevin Johnson has always maintained that the results aren’t the primary focus:

This has been a perfect trip for us and the mix of training, match load and warm weather have offered us an ideal preparation thus far for our Commonwealth Games lead in. Whilst in honesty the results are not a focus for us, we have remained competitive throughout whilst still being able to try out a good deal of new content, trying to bed in some principles into both our team and individual play

After a rest day Wales are looking ahead to the remainder of the week that will see a mix of training sessions, off pitch sessions and 2 further training games against Scotland. With the opportunity to access the elite facilities in Las Palmas the week has been a perfect learning opportunity for the group.

Wales will play their closing games against Scotland on Friday 26th January at 15:30pm and Sunday 28th January at 16:00pm BST.

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