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Walking Hockey: More than just a Game!

It is fair to say that we are in unprecedented times and everything is just, well, a bit strange. The things that we take for granted and connect us have been removed and we are all trying to adjust to a new, albeit temporary way of life.

But for our hockey family, trying to make sure that you know we are here for you is our priority, and will continue to be for the duration of this current situation.

Walking Hockey is a new initiative and has recently become a popular pastime with Hockey Wales running several groups across South and West Wales. A few simple twists on the game we love allows people to take part at a slower pace, but with a lot more time to have a laugh!

The original idea behind walking hockey was to slow it down to allow people to play the sport well into later life and not be restricted from doing so because of injuries and illnesses they might have.

But, like any team sport, it has developed into much more, and the game is one of true social interaction and friendship which has become so much more apparent in the current climate.

Just over a week ago we contacted all the Walking Hockey players individually to let them know that their classes would be postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Whilst we were met with the expected level of disappointment, what really hit home was how happy players were to talk to us, the friendships people have made, along with the camaraderie and true sense of teamwork.

We were met with people telling us of their ‘What’s App’ groups, and they would all be happy to call each other to let them know – no stone was left unturned, because they were working as a team.

Now, with the situation as it stands, our Hockey Wales Development Team have stepped up, and are making weekly calls to those in charge to ensure that everyone is keeping in touch with each other at this time of social isolation.

Club Development Officers, Amanda (Bobs) Roberts and Gabby Doyle work closely with the groups. Amanda explained how everyone is keeping in contact,

“All of the players are great, they are looking out for each other and making sure that everyone is ok.

“I have an agreement in place that I will contact the lead person for the sessions on a weekly basis as she is in regular contact with everyone, so she provides updates on how people are doing. They are very grateful for the communication and for being in our thoughts.”

Gabby concluded,

“They can’t wait for the nod to start back up again! But until then those with their own ball and stick will hopefully have a knock about at home, just to keep their body and mind active.”

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