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Healthy: Inside and Out.

Children’s Mental Health Week provides a great platform for us all to take a moment and check in with our juniors and young people to find out how they feel about playing hockey and sport in general. As an organisation, we’ll be doing just that later this week through children engaged with our school’s programme, Hooked on Hoci!

This week further allows us the opportunity to look at how sport can help children develop a healthier mindset. With the creators of #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek, Place2Be stating that the work they do in schools has revealed that every class has a diagnosable mental health condition, it’s vital sports like hockey, continue to play its part in helping children and young people get the very best from sport.

We believe hockey has plenty of benefits that help improve mental health and wellbeing for all those that play, especially young people…


  1. Develops new friendship groups

  2. Builds higher levels of self esteem

  3. Improves communication skills

  4. Regular exercise means a healthier lifestyle

  5. Teaches teamwork and its importance

  6. Create a fun and playful environment

  7. Helps to reduce stress levels

Across Wales we have a great number of hockey clubs that have growing junior sections. Check them out BELOW.

Welsh Clubs with Junior SectionsDownload

Now is the perfect time to join!

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