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We're supporting 'Parents in Sport Week'

This year we wanted to show our support for ‘Parents in Sport Week‘ by sharing what the Child Protection in Sport Unit is doing to help keep our children at the top of their game as well as sharing some of what our own network of hockey parents are doing; remaining positive influences in their children’s lives. The focus of the week centres around the valuable role parents play – and the positive influence they have – in ensuring young people develop to their full potential and enjoy their time playing sport! Find out more here about how you can be at your best as a parent or guardian, supporting a young person in sport. HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED THIS WEEK?

  1. Share your ‘Top Tips’ as parents – What do you do to encourage your child to play sport in a positive way? How do you support them when they’ve not played as well as they’d have liked? Tweet us @HockeyWales or post on our Facebook page with your tips using#sportsparents 

  2. Post those proud moments on Instagram using #proudparents picture campaign

  3. Join the FREE live webinar: Understanding and promotiong parental involvement in sport.

  4. WATCH the ‘My Magic Sports Kit’ – A great short film from the view of children in sport and how parents can sometimes make them feel.

  5. WATCH – As well as the above film you’ll find an array of videos created for coaches and clubs. Check them out

  6. Tune in towards the end of the week for a short video interview created by us; showing a Mother & Daughter interviewing each other around this topic.

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