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We’re thrilled to announce our very own home grown Welsh legends, Anne Ellis and Sheila Morrow have been recognised as two of the most inspirational Welsh Women by Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales.

A project celebrating the lives of great Welsh Women over the years, the Women’s Equality Network Wales, today recognised 50 women from the past who’ve made a big impact on Welsh life alongside 50 inspiring women who are currently shaping Wales; celebrating their contribution to national life. The project brings together influential and leading women across numerous fields including sport, science and politics.

Sharing her excitement, Director of WEN, Catherine Fookes explained Anne and Sheila were both clear choices to be recognised alongside the other 98 women; having made significant contributions to sport.

Anne not only succeeded in playing for her country as Wales captain between 1973-1980, she further went on to captain GB and later take on the role of coach for both Wales and GB.

I was surprised but honoured to have been recognised and  nominated by Women’s Equality  Network(WEN)   for this award in the celebration of 100  inspiring Welsh Women. Playing for and Captaining both  Wales and Great Britain was a huge honour, but equally important and satisfying for me, has  been my involvement in supporting young players at all levels of Welsh Hockey.

Following in Anne’s wake, current Chair of GB Hockey, Shelia took on captaincy of Wales between 1982-1984. During her time playing for Wales, Shelia racked up 112 caps; acquiring a further 24 caps between 1978 – 1984 playing for GB.

I am both honoured and proud to be listed among such an amazing group of awesome women.  Representing my country both on and off the hockey field has given me immense pleasure over the years and hopefully this recognition by the Women’s Equality Network Wales will help inspire the next generation of Welsh women and girls to be the best they can be.

With such incredible achievements under their belts, it’s no surprise both ladies have been recognised at such a prestigious event.


Picture: Hockey Museum

Back Row Left to Right:  Pam Williams (nee Jones), Anne Ellis, Winifred Heath , (Ruth Fletcher)

Middle Row left to Right: Sheila Morrow, Janet Hopkin (nee Morgan), Eira Matthews, Lynne Thomas

Front Row: Shirley Morgan (nee Ellis), Iris Davies, Eirianwen Thomas, Jane Hughes

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