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Updated: Dec 19, 2019


Conditions were brighter as Wales took on Turkey in the second match of their pool round.

The game looked to be explosive as as the first whistle went, Wales scored before the clock struck 60 seconds, with the first goal coming from #8 Sarah Jones making Wales 1-0 up.

Turkey were awarded a penalty corner at 7’ but they failed to utilise their opportunity with the shot going wide. The game kept its pace but to no avail for either team as Wales were dominant in the first quarter leaving little room for Turkey to make a comeback in attack.

At 18’ Wales also had a penalty corner, but despite their efforts the ball couldn’t hit the back board.

At 21’ #7 Sian French had a green card, giving Turkey the hole they’d been looking for to push into the attacking zone. Whilst Turkey gained more possession, Wales soon won back control of the ball and as pressure built between the teams, Turkey gained two green cards at 24’ to players #17 Tuğçe Şahiner and #19 Gulcan Firat, leaving it 1-0 at half time after an anticlimactic first half.

Half Time: Wales 1 – 0 Turkey

Wales were just as quick to get the goal in the net as in the first half, as #10 Phoebe Richards scored a whopper field goal seconds into the third quarter, making it 2-0 to Wales at 31’.

Despite the head start from Wales, Turkey utilised an opportunity at 35’ as #10 Perihan Küçükkoç got the ball past Wales’ keeper making it 2-1.

As it looked like Turkey could make a come back, the goal seemed to stir more fire in Wales as the team worked hard in attack to get their 3rd goal of the match from #13 Danni Jordan at 48’, moments later #7 Sian French headed off the pitch with a yellow card but Wales maintained their possession and another field goal from #21 Xenna Hughes at 51’ made it 4-1 to Wales in a strong fourth quarter for the team.

Wales were 4-1 up but weren’t going to let their guard down any time soon as they continued to pressure Turkey’s defence, eventually leading to Wales’ 5th and final goal in the closing two minutes of the game, from #17 Leah Wilkinson.

Wales left on a closing high of 5 – 1 against Turkey.


Wales’ next match is on Wednesday 7th August against Poland at 2.30pm.

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