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Women’s Club Masters Final

Third time lucky with the weather, another sunny weekend in Swansea for the ten teams and their supporters who arrived for yet another weekend of hockey and fun…and of course to see who would be crowned this season’s Welsh Masters Champions! Many of the girls are preparing for the Masters home countries tournament to be held in Dublin in June. The tournament took the form of two pools of five, followed by cross-over matches between the top two in each pool to decide the finalists.

Both pools were very competitive and even after a long and arduous night, with teams slightly under par for the  Sunday games, they still managed to play attractive and competitive hockey.

The winners of  Pool A, Whitchurch Sts, played the second from Pool B, Swansea, while the winners of Pool B, the Saggie Baggies (Howardian 1st team) played the Wrinkly Crinklies (Howardian 2nd team) who came second in pool B. A close match between Whitchurch Sts and Swansea finally ended in a 1 – 0 win for the Saints, while the Saggies dispatched the Wrinklies by 3 – 0. So we were all set for a repeat of last season’s final!

The Baggies came out strongly and dominated the first half but were thwarted by the Saints defence and failed to score; this gave the Saints new impetus and they took the game to the Baggies at the beginning of the second half but a breakaway goal gave the Baggies the confidence they needed and they scored a further goal to go on and win by 2 – 0…so clinching the title once again.

The weekend finally came to an end with the presentation of the Cup to the Saggies captain, Tracy Bow. Anne Mullin, HW Ladies Competitions Co-ordinator, presented the cup and thanked the clubs for taking part; congratulating them on the standard of play and on the spirit in which the games were played. Anne went on to thank the spectators for their support and further expressed passionately her thanks to the umpires, stating without them, events like this just wouldn’t happen.

Final Places:

  1. 1st         Howardian 1sts ( Saggy Baggies)

  2. 2nd        Whitchurch Sts

  3. 3rd        Swansea City

  4. 3rd        Wrinkly Crinklies (Howardian 2nds)

  5. 5th         Cardiff Athletic

  6. 6th         Dysynni

  7. 7th        Llan / Llan

  8. 8th         Bridgend

  9. 9th         Rhondda

  10. 10th       Gwent

Article by: Anne Mullin Photos by: Judy Horrell & Serian Ganesh

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