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At last night’s Active, Fit and Sporty Awards in Belfast, Chloe Jordan, one of Hockey Wales’ Young Ambassadors, won the Inspiring Young Person Award.

The Active, Fit and Sporty Project aims to work to raise the profile of women and girls in sport and physical activity in Northern Ireland by focusing on four key areas, these being media, leadership, role models and research and evaluation.

The awards celebrate the role of the Active, Fit and Sporty project in raising awareness of participation opportunities across the country and to honour those who have contributed to this.

Chloe got involved in the project through her current studies at Ulster University.

“I was nominated for my contribution to getting more Females active through the Youth Sports Trust (YST) Girls Active programme, and for showing that I am continually developing through the YST Team Leader programme and the Active, Fit & Sporty project.

“The nomination was a complete surprise and I’m still unsure who nominated me, but I am very pleased to say the least.”

The 19-year-old from Pontypridd started the Young Ambassadors (YA) programme with Hockey Wales when she was 13 years old.

“I was already playing and helping coach hockey and wanted to try something new so, when opportunity arose to be a Silver YA it seemed like a great opportunity where I could learn more about the sport I love.

“Since then I have been involved in youth leadership, have had incredible experiences and met so many amazing people from all around Europe.”

There are four levels to the YA Programme, each determined by the level of experience, skills and qualities of the young person. Chloe entered the programme on Silver and has now achieved Platinum level.

“The programme has given such unique experiences and has helped me develop key skills which I use daily.

“Since being on the YA programme my confidence has grown. I was always shy in school and since becoming a Young Ambassador I have become more confident and, actually enjoy talking in front of a large group of people.

“It has also been great to meet so many like-minded, and amazing friends on my YA journey, who love promoting and developing sport.”

Now studying Sport Studies in Northern Ireland, the Young Ambassador has very clear ideas of what she would like to do in the future.

“The programme has helped me decide that I want to have a career in the sporting industry.

It has allowed me to have many work experience opportunities and given me access to the staff at Hockey Wales who have provided an insight into their roles.”

Amanda Roberts, Development Officer and Young Ambassador Programme Leader for Hockey Wales was delighted to hear of Chloe’s success.

“Chloe has always worked hard on the YA Programme and given her all to everything she turns to. She thoroughly deserves this honour.

“A massive congratulations from all at Hockey Wales and the wider hockey family. We are so proud!”

If you would like to find out more about the Hockey Wales Young Ambassador Programme click HERE

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