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Hockey Wales is committed to making small changes that make a big difference. We call upon you, our hockey family to do the same.


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The biggest change we’re making today as an organisation is talking about climate change. Climate change is now recognised as the most important challenge to human health. As a predominantly outdoor sport, we require certain conditions to allow hockey to happen. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure hockey is sustainable.  


Hockey Wales is committed to making small changes that make a big difference. Sport can influence human behaviour; it increases social cohesion and togetherness. Through our reach and member engagement we want to inspire our hockey family to make changes to help tackle the climate crisis.  


On this page you’ll find information to help you on your way to becoming more green, including: 


  • Inspiration from our Sustainability Ambassadors 

  • Example pledges 

  • Practical tips on being green 

  • A ton of useful resources from sustainable experts 

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The team at Hockey Wales have calculated their carbon footprint and made pledges to make small, sustainable changes to their daily lives. We call upon you, our hockey family, to do the same. Here’s how: 


  1. Calculate your carbon footprint (WWF Footprint Calculator

  2. Based on your results, decide on a small change you can make in your life to help reduce your carbon footprint 

  3. Film yourself making your pledge/take a picture with your pledge 

  4. Upload your image/film to social media 

  5. Tag Hockey Wales in your post so we can share it on our channels 


Remember, the key is to make your pledge achievable. Small, practical changes are better than drastic changes you can’t maintain. Check out the tips section below for some inspiration. 

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Dan Kyriakides

Climate Change Ambassador & Senior Men's Player

"I pledge to reduce my consumption of fast fashion; fix, share or upcycle items I don't use instead of getting rid of them; and to further educate myself on the topics of climate change and sustainability."

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Anthea Barrington

Performance Manager

'I pledge to go veggie one day per week'

Amanda roberts - web.jpg
Amanda Roberts

Events Managers

"I pledge to make our Hockey Wales events as sustainable as possible"

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Ria pic.webp
Ria Burrage-Male


"I pledge to change my bank to a sustainable and ethical bank, and to stop online shopping for one month!"

Laity, Eloise - Web.jpeg
Eloise Laity

Climate Change Ambassador and Senior Women's player

"I pledge to be more mindful of what and how I'm buying by buying more locally sourced and seasonal food, and to minimise my food waste wherever possible"

Tom little - web.JPG
Tom Little

Director of Operations

"I pledge to reuse shopping bags rather than buying new ones when I go shopping"

It can be hard to thing of small, manageable changes you can make. Here's a few green tips to get you started:


  1. Take a reusable bottle to training rather than a plastic bottle

  2. If you live close, start walking or cycling to training rather than driving

  3. Carshare to matches

  4. At the start of the season, try to plan all the new kit and equipment you need and order it all at the same time

  5. If you've grown out of your kit or sports clothes, donate it to younger club members rather than throwing it away

  6. Try to eat less meat by going veggie once or twice a week

  7. Before leaving the house for training or a game, make sure all your electronic devices are turned off

  8. Recycle all packaging that can be recycled - if there isn't a recycling bin at your training ground, take your rubbish home and recycle it there

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We want to share your positive stories, and how you, your clubs and communities are making steps to tackle climate change.  


Sign up to our club webinar on Sustainability to see how we can work together to make small changes that make a big difference.  

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For more information on climate change and what you can do to make a difference, click the logos below.

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