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Online Training
from Hockey Wales

We have coaching opportunities at every level, there's something for everyone

The Hockey Hub is a one-stop shop for hockey deliverers where they can access the most current information around courses, learning and development. The Hockey Hub is aimed at supporting all hockey deliverers throughout the game. 



What is online learning?

How do I sign up?

Simply click the log in button at the top of the page. This will then take you to our learning platform where you can choose to sign up. 

How do I access my courses?

Once signed in you can head to your account where all of the courses you are able to attend will show on your Courses page, then you just have to work your way through them.

What coaching courses are mandatory?

To coach there are some course you will have to complete that are mandatory. You may even need to provide proof of this before you begin. You will be informed of what these are and how to present them. 

I'm new to coaching and new to hockey, can I still learn?

Yes! We have courses for everyone at any ability. If you need to talk to one of current coaches, just send us an email and someone will get in touch with you to steer you in the right direction. 

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