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What are volunteers? Otherwise known as hockey makers

Hockey events are a whirlwind of excitement, both in the thick of the action and behind the scenes. Our Hockey Makers play a vital role in transforming every event into a spectacular one.

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Why volunteer
at events?

You’ll get to experience the buzz of an event in a way most fans can only dream of. Whether it’s assisting athletes, spectators or event organisers at a local, regional or national event, as an important member of the team you’ll get to develop lots of skills.

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What could I do?

We host numerous national events each year, as well as local, regional and club and school run competitions and festivals, all of which require Hockey Makers to play a part and get involved.

Every role will make the most of your skills and interests. For example, if you’re full of energy and good with people, you might assist the events team in managing spectators or at the entrance gate, or if your skillset is more suited to a behind the scenes role, you could assist with distributing or collating results or other administration duties.

Do I need experience?

You don’t need any experience, but you will gain a lot. By becoming a regular Hockey Maker, you’ll also open the door to more opportunities. For example, we will reserve a number of volunteer spaces at International Competitions for people who have volunteered at local and regional events annually.

Volunteer Registration
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