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Hockey Wales are excited to launch their strategic intent. For the past two years, we have consulted members and engaged citizen journalists who tested a new story telling approach to enable us to gain member insight. Members were asked three questions that prompted them to write a story.


They were then encouraged to place significance on that story, to help Hockey Wales understand what motivated them, what inspired them, who influenced their story, the frequency of the experiences in their story and whether their experiences had encouraged them or stopped them from continuing with hockey.

From the investigation several key themes were highlighted: People, Learning, Environments, Success, Achievement, Enjoyment, Engagement. As a result, we realised the vital importance of this consultation exercise which has enabled us to better engage and understand our members and provide us with an exciting opportunity to change our approach. This has resulted in us developing an evolving, person centred, dynamic and learning led strategy.

Our strategic intent has been developed to reflect those priorities. It is designed to encourage our members and those who are involved in hockey to play an active role in ensuring we deliver world class hockey experiences.


We are also aiming to ensure the organisation is continuously striving for improvement and reflecting on our achievements aligned to the strategic intent.

Our outcomes are not an exhaustive list. We will demonstrate our success through operational delivery, evidence and impact. Through learning we want to be adaptable, flexible and amenable to change, actively encouraging our hockey family and participants to collaborate with Hockey Wales in showcasing our learning and successes.


 To connect with something or someone but with a purpose, showing an interest in their world.


A collaboration which will or should bear equal benefits to both or numerous parties, each with shared goals/interests.


An environment where people are enabled and supported to flourish with confidence and purpose.


To continue to aspire for success whatever that looks like for you as an individual.


The offer or provision of a ‘chance’ being afforded to someone or something.



As a person centred organisation, we feel that our unique difference is our ability to maintain positive and regular interaction with our members as individuals and groups. Our ability to engage with members regularly has shaped our thinking behind our innovative approach to focus on what is most important rather than generic key words that are commonly used by organisations.

As a result of this, our organisational culture wishes to focus on our intentions being derived from more human values that we feel are present in all of us all the time.


Happiness, Connectivity, Love.

These can be owned and driven more consistently than words we simply ‘inherit’ or ‘borrow’. Operational decisions we make are therefore more likely to come from a place of good human intent and enable us to continue to develop close relationships with those we interact with and with clear authenticity at the heart of our strategic actions.