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Keeping Safe

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Everyone has the
right to have fun
in a safe, secure environment.

Everyone has the right to have fun in a safe, secure environment at any time before, during and after any Hockey activity, training or at competitions. Nobody should be made to feel unhappy or uneasy when taking part in Hockey. This goes against the very nature of what we are trying to achieve.

Safeguarding Guidance

Safeguarding Young People
Safeguarding Adults
DBS Check Guide
CPSU Transportation Guide
Code of Conduct
Social Media Policy
Advice on Recruitment
Safe in Sport Campaign 

Club Welfare Officer

In accordance with Hockey Wales’ affiliation criteria, every club that offers hockey activity must be supported with a registered Club Welfare Officer. Each club must make this officer known to all members of the hockey club, with appropriate contact details readily available so any children or parents/carers know who to contact with any concerns. All Club Welfare Officers must complete the Safeguarding and Protecting Children qualification which can be found by clicking the link below.

Useful Links

Children in Wales

In the event of any query or for further information regarding Safeguarding please contact our Lead Safeguarding Officer

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