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What is the Pathway?

The Hockey Wales Pathway is a talent pathway between  school / club and International levels.


The purpose of the pathway is to:

  • Build on the good work already being done across the country in Schools and Clubs.

  • Provide a talent identification and development system which attracts and excites young people and inspires them to be the best they can be.

  • Provide thriving talent development environments, which are safe, enjoyable and inclusive.

  • Provide the platform for our Welsh clubs to excel in European club hockey,  with inspiring role models who are consistently achieving international success.

To do this, the Hockey Wales Pathway will provide:

  • A combination of training and competitive opportunities on the pitch

  • Off pitch support in areas such as nutrition & hydration, sports psychology, and strength & conditioning.


This provision will help increase the number of welsh players capable of making the step to international hockey. The Pathway is split into three areas:

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Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to represent Wales players must fulfil the following criteria:

In addition to meeting both the above criteria, you must be able to evidence ONE of the following criteria:

Players will only be able to represent Welsh underage squads (U21, U18, U16) if they are under the necessary age by 1st January in the year of competition or otherwise as deemed by the European Hockey Federation / International Hockey Federation.


The minimum age to enter the Hockey Wales Pathway is 12 years old (School Year 8)
Differing criteria applies for Masters, those players holding dual nationality and for those that have represented another country at U21 level or senior level. Any such person wishing to make themselves available for selection must first contact Hockey Wales for clarification.

What are the Player Qualities I should be looking for in an athlete?


The decision-making capability to use the highly skilled actions and the teams tactics at the right time in the right context to allow the team to achieve their objective at any one moment during the game of hockey.


Detailed level of ability to perform the actions necessary during the game of hockey.


The ability to compete in terms of physical capacity. Including all physical facets of the game of hockey that enable a player to perform optimally - Strength; Endurance; Speed; Nutrition & Hydration.


The skills required to mentally support; motivate and challenge an individual in their quest to pursue excellence.


The level of skills required to be a strong team member.

For more information on the above, take a look at the GB Hockey Talent System Framework.

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