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‘Be Part Of It’: Hoci Cymru launches new three-year strategy 

Hoci Cymru has launched its new strategy, ‘Be Part Of It’, which will shape the sport in Wales over the next three years.  

At the heart of this fresh strategy and what Hoci Cymru will deliver over the coming years will be our vision of ‘Igniting a Passion for Hockey’.  

And underpinning this will be our mission, ‘Facilitating opportunities for ALL to Engage, Compete and Perform through a shared passion for Hockey’. 

Find our full strategy here. 

These three pillars, Engage, Compete and Perform, will be the driving force behind how we deliver the new strategy and progress hockey in Wales, providing a clear focus and clear objectives.  

We will strive to Engage as many people as possible throughout communities in Wales by offering a diverse range of opportunities, ensuring that everyone has the chance to participate in hockey.  

‘Hockey for everyone, everywhere, in multiple variations, and on different surfaces’ will be a key belief throughout the coming years. 

Increased opportunities to Compete or show support to those who Compete will be another driving pillar in our new strategy.  

From international matches to school events, we are committed to nurturing a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyone – from our elite stars to children picking up a stick for the first time – to feel energised by, and feel at home with, the sport.  

A large part of this will come from inspiration. Being a country that punches above its weight across multiple sports, Wales will see its hockey stars ‘Consistently challenge and inspire with our International Performance’ courtesy of the new Hoci Cymru strategy. 

Our teams will be in a better place to Perform at the highest levels as we look to develop an environment in which our players – from those representing Wales at senior level to our youth athletes – can thrive and experience success at the Commonwealth Games for Wales and Olympic Games for GB.  

While delivering against these pillars, Hoci Cymru staff will live shared values throughout the coming years.  

Our team will be Connected, providing support that is integral to the hockey family and doing our utmost to grow, unite and promote the sport across the nation. We will be Passionate, committed in our belief that hockey matters and what we do makes a difference for the sport. And Hoci Cymru staff will be Energetic, relentless in our efforts to make the sport thrive in Wales. 

Paul Whapham, Hoci Cymru CEO, stated: 

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new strategy, Be Part Of It, a three-year focus which will take us through to 2027. 

“As a small organisation in an amateur sport, it’s really important that we engage as many stakeholders, clubs, parents, volunteers and wider community groups as we can if we're going to ignite the passion for hockey across Wales. 

“In the next few years,” he continued, “we hope to see more young people, and a diverse range of young people, supported by a strong volunteer base, playing hockey on grass, tennis courts, car parks and eventually progressing to the astroturf we need to play the competition. 

“If we can increase junior participation across Wales by 3% a year, maintain adult participation and that lifelong focus into our Masters, then we’ll be in a really healthy space moving into the next Olympic cycle, the next Commonwealth Games and beyond 2026.” 

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