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Hoci Cymru announce Veo as new technology partner 

Hoci Cymru is excited to announce Veo as its new official technology partner.  

The partnership will allow Hoci Cymru to make strides in promoting the visibility of the sport across Wales, courtesy of Veo’s live streaming software. 

Our national teams will also benefit greatly from this collaboration, enhancing their performance through Veo’s sports analysis functionality. 

Clubs can get started here with a £200 discount offer! 

Clubs must sign up using their email to receive their £200 discount. The discount can be applied when clubs purchase a Veo subscription and tripod. 

As an organisation, Veo is on a mission to change how advanced technology is distributed across the world of sport. 

Veo challenges the idea that sports technology is only for the elite. Hence, they aim to make sports technology accessible to all, to help every player and team take their game – and their sport – up a level.  

At the heart of Veo’s work is the belief that technology can amplify the positive impact of sport, and hockey, in our world. Completely powered by AI, their technology - a camera that can automatically record sport and a state-of-the-art analysis platform – and our new collaboration can support hockey players become better players and hockey coaches become better coaches.  

Hoci Cymru will work with the hockey community to enhance the use of Veo across clubs and help them to increase the visibility of the sport and enhance coaching and playing ability. 

Paul Whapham, Hoci Cymru CEO, commented: 

“In what is currently a massively exciting time for hockey in Wales, this is another thrilling step taken by Hoci Cymru.  

“Technology has become part and parcel in the world of sport, but opportunities are few and far between outside of the elite game. With this partnership, we are delighted to offer our community and our national teams state-of-the-art technology, and promote the visibility and growth of our sport across Wales and beyond.” 

Veo Partnership Manager UK, Rosie Crampin, added: 

“Veo is thrilled to become the Official Technology Partner for Hoci Cymru. As the national governing body for Hockey in Wales, Hoci Cymru has a vision to grow the passion for Hockey by enhancing opportunities for everyone to engage, compete and perform.  

“With over 6000 members and hundreds of schools and universities, Veo is excited to provide a state-of-the-art analysis and recording platform for clubs to use at an affordable price within the Welsh Hockey region." 

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