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Hoci Cymru Young Ambassador Lily Morgan continues to make strides in her mission 

Last year, we told the story of Hoci Cymru Young Ambassador Lily Morgan, who spoke in front of the EuroHockey General Assembly in Monchengladbach, Germany in August.  

“I want to give neurodiverse people a voice,” she told Hoci Cymru after her trip to Germany. “I feel like there’s a negative outlook on neurodiversity, so I want to break that narrative and make sure that everyone can feel equal in the hockey space.” 

Lily’s personal experience provided her with the inspiration to work alongside Cardiff & Met to develop resources to make hockey a more accessible sport for people with autism, like her. 

And since undertaking the excellent work to equip coaches with the information to ensure that each individual feels comfortable in every hockey session, and presenting in Germany, Lily has continued to make strides in this space.  

“Since presenting my work has progressed massively,” she explained to Hoci Cymru. I have worked so hard to develop my knowledge on all areas of neurodiversity.  

“I started my social media outreach, creating valuable and relatable content for not only sports coaches but also neurodiverse individuals. Alongside this, I have been working so hard creating a brand and website which is so special to me; a brand which aims to educate and advocate for all things neurodiversity and one that I feel is going to have such a significant impact on all sports!” 

Lily recently launched her own website,, as a base for informative videos, a monthly newsletter, and webinars around neurodiversity in sport.  

“NeurodiversityInSport is here to make change. There is so much more to come as I drive to give all neurodiverse individuals a voice,” she confirmed, “making sport a place in which we can all thrive. 

“This is only the beginning, and the future is so, so bright!” 

Hoci Cymru is thrilled for Lily, and delighted to see one of our YAs make such progress in such a vital area in sport. 

“The Hoci Cymru Yong Ambassador programme is so special to me,” Lily told us.  

“It has provided me with the basis to develop life skills, allowing me to grow into the individual I am today.  

“Growing up always feeling different was such a struggle, but the YA programme provided me with such a sense of community! Without any of the experiences the Young Ambassador programme has given me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

“The YA programme has provided me with workshops to develop my presentation skills, interview skills, as well as communication skills and so much more – which have all be incredibly important in getting to where I am today! 

“I want to thank Hoci Cymru for the opportunities they have presented to me, as I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.” 

Hoci Cymru would like to once again congratulate Lily, who has taken another fantastic step towards fulfilling her ambitions.  

Hockey Wales CEO, Paul Whapham, commented:  

“Lily is a hugely impressive young person, whose work has already captured the attention of many within the hockey community.  

“It has been brilliant to see her continue this work, take another huge step on her journey, and to have brought her ambitions and concept to life. The creation of a brand and a website will hopefully allow her to drive further in this space and carry on her valuable work.  

“Hoci Cymru staff will continue to work closely with Lily to support her to achieve her ambition and make sport totally inclusive for all young people.” 

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