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Hockey Wales Men's Hockey World Cup Fundraiser

Hockey Wales Senior Men head to India to play in their first EVER World Cup in January 2023

Hockey want to build on the momentum on the Football World Cup and ensure Wales remains a strong figure on the global stage.

We invite the people of Wales to show their support for our Men as they take on the BEST in the world in front of a Hockey audience of 2 billion.

We also need your help! Public funding can only stretch so far! Commercial investment has proved challenging! To those who have supported us we are extremely grateful, but now we turn to you… We are seeking funding to pay towards flights, accommodation and meals.

This is a very difficult time for our society… a covid-19 pandemic and now a cost of living crisis. However, we do not believe any athlete should pay to play for their country.

As a proud sporting nation we welcome any support you can provide!

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