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Beth Bingham Scores Big with Class Technology Solutions Sponsorship

Welsh hockey star Beth Bingham is set to reach new heights in her career as she secures a sponsorship deal with Class Technology Solutions (CTS), a leading Education ICT provider in the UK. This partnership not only highlights Beth's outstanding talent but also emphasizes CTS's commitment to supporting women in sports.

Class Technology Solutions (CTS) is a renowned player in the field of Education ICT in the UK, offering a range of services to schools, including consulting, infrastructure development, network upgrades, and support. Partnering with industry giants such as Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft, CTS has pioneered the innovative Easy4u subscription service. This service ensures that students have easy access to1:2:1 devices with comprehensive hardware coverage through a personalised portal.

In a statement regarding their sponsorship of Beth Bingham, Peter Maslyn, Marketing and Communications Director at CTS, expressed the company's pride in supporting and promoting women in the world of sports. He said, "CTS is a company that is proud to support and promote women at all abilities in the world of sport. We are delighted to be able to sponsor Beth Bingham, an extremely talented hockey player. We should like to wish her all the success in her promising, and future career in Welsh hockey.

This sponsorship is a testament to CTS's commitment to empowering women athletes and fostering their growth in their respective sports. Beth Bingham, who serves as the Senior Women's Captain, represents not only her team but also her country. This financial support from CTS is a significant step toward helping Beth achieve her goals and continue her impressive journey in the world of hockey.

Kevin Johnson, Performance Director, expressed his gratitude for the sponsorship and highlighted the challenges that players face in representing their country due to financial commitments. He stated, "I would like to extend our thanks to Class Technology Solutions for supporting our Senior Women's Captain Beth Bingham. The financial commitment required for our players to represent their country is sadly becoming more and more challenging so support like this from generous sponsors helps our players towards reaching their individual and our collective aspirations."

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