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Chile take 1-0 victory over Wales

Wales were attempting to go one step further than Wednesday’s 2-2 draw with the Chilean side ranked 14th in the World.

Chile were on the back of a 4-2 victory over Uruguay on Saturday evening whereas Wales were attempting to claim their first victory of the Tri-Nations Series following a 2-0 defeat to Uruguay on Thursday.

Despite a positive start for Wales, Chile took the lead in the 21st minute.

Lauren Roberts denied Chile a second goal as she confidently saved a penalty stroke in the 38th minute of the game.

Positive actions in defence but just seemed unable to make the necessary connections with the forwards

The side ranked 14th in the World continued to exert significant pressure on the Welsh side throughout the second half

Despite multiple penalty corners in the final minute of the third quarter Wales were unable to find their way on the scoresheet and the game concluded with a 1-0 victory to Chile.

Goalkeeper Lauren Roberts said: “the score line is disappointing but we played well and it was a close game. “

“I was definitely happy to save that flick and keep the score line to a minimal”

Head Coach Kevin Johnson said: “Again we took a side 10 places higher in terms of World ranking all the way this evening but couldn’t find the consistent quality required in the final third of the pitch to make it count.

Whilst we have seen a number of areas of our game continue to progress tonight, we are determined to piece it all together in our final game tomorrow and end the tournament with a win.”

Wales will play their final game against Uruguay on Monday 19th June at 10pm UK time.

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