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Hoci Cymru and FabLittleBag: A Period Supportive Partnership

Hoci Cymru has partnered with award-winning FabLittleBag to provide Academy Pathways and Regional Performance Centres with FabLittleBag Coaches Bags, containing period products and FabLittleBags for easy confident disposal.

FabLittleBags are designed to make disposal easy, hygienic and a confident experience, and to encourage binning over flushing. Facilities are often grim, leaving girls at the mercy of overflowing and unhygienic bins, or no bins at all. FabLittleBag ensures they can always change their products when needed and transforms disposal from an anxious and stressful experience to a relaxed and confident experience.

Hoci Cymru is undertaking a programme to bring grassroots clubs onboard the #PeriodSupportive partnership too. This will ensure that all local clubs are a more welcoming and inclusive environment for women and girls with their basic menstrual needs being recognised, and met.

FabLittleBag Coaches Bags come ready for action and ready to be added to any kit bag; like a First Aid bag for periods! Their very existence helps to break down taboos, especially for male coaches.

Provision of easily accessible free tampons and pads also discreetly addresses the issue of period poverty experienced by 10% of girls in the UK.

Flushing is commonplace and causes blockages and direct pollution of our rivers, oceans and beaches from flushed tampons, pads, and applicators. Having FabLittleBags to hand prevents this and makes binning a breeze, saving oceans from pollution.

FabLittleBags are made from carbon guzzling sugarcane and recycled materials supporting the circular economy of waste, and vegan glue.

Martha Silcott, CEO & Founder of FabLittleBag, said:

“FabLittleBag is absolutely delighted to welcome Hoci Cymru to the Period Supportive Movement. The enthusiasm for positive change shown by CEO Paul Whapham has been refreshing and encouraging.

"It is fantastic that all the Academy Pathways and Regional Performance Centres will now be equipped with our Coaches Bags and we look forward to working with all the clubs and ensure that for women and girls playing hockey in Wales, periods are not a barrier to participation.”

Paul Whapham Chief Executive of Hoci Cymru stated:

“It is vital that sport and physical activity is a universally accessible, comfortable, and safe environment for participants. We at Hoci Cymru are committed to ensuring that our sport is open to all, which is why we’re delighted to partner with FabLittleBag.

“A lack of appropriate facilities for female athletes has historically been a barrier in our sector. This partnership will ensure that women and girls have the confidence to keep playing hockey and feel comfortable in clubs across Wales.”

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