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Hoci Cymru Unveils Dynamic New Kit for 2024 Season Celebrating Welsh Heritage and Athlete Diversity

Hoci Cymru is proud to unveil its first Castore kit collection for the 2024 season, a fusion of modern design and Welsh heritage and language that promises to ignite passion on and off the field. This eagerly anticipated release introduces a range of innovative features aimed at enhancing performance, celebrating Welsh identity, and promoting inclusivity within the sport.

Key features of the new kit include:

  1. Dragon Scale Detailing: Symbolising the fierce determination and strength of Welsh athletes, the new Hoci Cymru kit features subtle dragon scale detailing woven into the fabric. This unique touch pays homage to Wales's rich mythology and adds an element of pride and distinction to the kit.

  2. Home Kit Inspired by National Flag: The home kit proudly showcases the iconic colours of the Welsh national flag, with bold red, white, and green accents that symbolise unity, heritage, and resilience. Designed to evoke a sense of national pride, the home kit embodies the spirit of Welsh hockey and its unwavering commitment to excellence.

  3. Away Kit Tribute to Owain Glyndŵr: Drawing inspiration from Welsh history and heritage, the away kit pays homage to Owain Glyndŵr, a revered figure in Welsh folklore and history. The kit's sleek black design is adorned with subtle nods to our dragon identity, serving as a powerful symbol of strength, resilience, and defiance.

  4. Anthem Inscription Inside Collar: As a tribute to the unwavering passion and dedication of Welsh athletes, the collar of each kit proudly displays a poignant Welsh language inscription from the Welsh national anthem. This heartfelt addition serves as a constant reminder of the values that unite players and fans alike, inspiring courage, unity, and determination.

  5. Inclusivity for Female Players: Recognising the diverse preferences and needs of athletes, Hoci Cymru is proud to offer female players the option to choose between a skort or shorts as part of their kit. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that all players feel comfortable and empowered on the field, regardless of their personal style or preferences.

Speaking about the launch, Paul Whapham, CEO of Hoci Cymru, expressed enthusiasm for the impact of the new kit: "We are thrilled to unveil our dynamic new Castore kit for the 2024 season, which celebrates the rich heritage and diverse talent within the Welsh hockey community. From its striking design elements inspired by Welsh symbols to its commitment to inclusivity and athlete empowerment, the new kit reflects our dedication to advancing the sport of hockey in Wales. We cannot wait to see our athletes proudly donning these kits as they represent our nation on the international stage at Easter and throughout the summer."

The new Hoci Cymru kit collection is now available for purchase online at , and will be worn by national teams throughout the 2024 season.

Stock is limited so make sure you do not miss out on grabbing yours!

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