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Nutriade become official Protein Water of Hockey Wales 

Hockey Wales is delighted to announce a new two-year partnership with Nutriade, which becomes the official Protein Water of Hockey Wales. 

Nutraide will provide performance support to all of our international teams with their protein water, helping our athletes cope with the high intensity demands of the sport.  

The organisation centres around making advanced sports nutrition easier, allowing athletes to hit protein goals and boost recovery.  

They recognise the need for advanced sports nutrition with clean, fast-acting fuel. With zero sugar, zero fillers, and exceptional taste, Nutriade is the perfect clean-cut companion for Hockey Wales teams and Hockey Wales member clubs alike. 

Unlike other whey protein supplements, Nutriade’s clear protein drink has an unrivalled flavour profile that is light and crisp without compromising on your post-workout gains. 

Nutriade contains high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) critical for muscle building and recovery, making Nutriade a highly effective and complete protein source to help exceed limits. 

A Welsh organisation looking to grow its presence across sport, we are thrilled to partner with Nutriade.  

Hockey Wales CEO, Paul Whapham, commented: 

“Clean and effective sports nutrition has become an essential aspect of life for athletes over recent years, and Hockey Wales is happy to take its responsibility to support its athletes and membership seriously.  

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with Nutriade, whose innovative product will support Hockey Wales’ international representatives to thrive and recover amid their high intensity efforts for their country.  

“We are thoroughly looking forward to collaborating over the next two years, and look forward to what will come.” 

Nutriade Co-Founder, Lee Moore, added: 

“Nutriade acknowledges the critical role of peak performance in sports, recognising that training and recovery are integral components.  

“As proud sponsors of Hockey Wales, our commitment is to support athletes in achieving their best. Through our sponsorship, we're excited to provide Nutriade Protein Water, a crucial resource aiding in faster recovery after intense training sessions. By facilitating quicker recuperation, our protein water aims to enhance on-field performance, empowering athletes to excel and thrive, delivering their best on the global stage." 

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