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Registration For Hockey Wales Player Development Programme Now Open

Registration for the Hockey Wales Player Pathway has now opened for the 2022/2023 season.

The Pathway is made up of three key stages before players progress to represent Wales at National Age Group level. These are Junior Dragon Development Centres, Dragon Development Centres, and Regional Performance Centres.

Junior Dragon Development Centres

Junior Dragon Development Centres (JDCs) are standalone sessions for 11-13 year olds.

They have been set up to provide earlier Hockey Wales Pathway activity for young boys and girls in school years 7 and 8 but without selection and assessment pressures. They are standalone centres and not part of a transitional up and down process of the Player Pathway.

The locations of these centres will be dependent on the demand in different areas across Wales and therefore will be bespoke towards the geographical need.

Players will be able to enter JDCs at school year 7 and spend 2 years in this developmental phase where core fundamental skills will be introduced and delivered that are desirable to later future progression in the Player Pathway.

Excitingly for 2022/2023 we are looking to introduce matches between centres to help develop player match understanding and provide young players with representation opportunities.

Register your/your child's interest in attending JDCS for 2022/2023 at the link below.

Dragon Development Centres

Dragon Development Centres (DDCs) are the main entry point into the Hockey Wales player development programme.

If players transition later to our programme they enter at this stage. DDCs are for ages 13-18 (school year 9 and up).

DDCs provide regular development opportunities and will start to broaden the players knowledge of all aspects of hockey.

Players at DDC level can be nominated by the coaches to attend Regional Performance Centre assessments.

Register your/your child's interest in attending DDCS for 2022/2023 at the link below.

Regional Performance Centres

Regional Performance Centres (RPCS) are full day training sessions (e.g. 10am-6pm) and expose players to the demands and expectations of being a National Age Group (NAG) athlete.

RPCs are coached by the same coaching staff appointed to the junior national teams.

RPCs are the final step before being nominated for National Age Groups. Coaches at RPCs will nominate players for NAG selection.

This year we are excited to bring RPC competitions into the programme. These days/weekends will bring all RPC centres together for training and matches, allowing all coaches to see the players.

We will also be continuing RPC sessions throughout the summer for the 2022/23 season. This will allow players who aren’t selected for NAG activity, or who are coming back from injury, to have a space to continue developing.

Register your/your child's interest in attending DDCS for 2022/2023 at the link below.

What Centre Is Right For Me?

Not sure which centre you should register for? We've outline some guidance below to give you hand.

Are you in school year 7 or 8?

Register for our JDCS.

Are you in school year 9+ & NOT previously been involved in the Pathway?

Register for our DDCs.

Have you previously attended RPCS?

Re-register for our RPCs.

Have you previously attended DDCs and NOT been nominated for RPCs?

Re-register for our DDCs.

Have you previously attended DDCs and been nominated for RPCS?

Register for our RPCS.

Were you in a NAGS squad last season?

Register for our RPCs.

Am I Eligible To Play For Wales?

Read our full eligibility criteria to find out if you can join our Player Pathway and one day play for Wales.

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