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Great Britain Hockey Talent System Framework

The Great Britain Hockey Talent System Framework provides the sport with an in-depth reference point for the decision making in the development of Talent within hockey.

It provides a common language and a clear understanding for all stakeholders as we all work together to deliver a phenomenal ‘talent pipeline’ of players through exceptional talent development experiences and a talent identification and development system which attracts and excites young people irrespective of their background.

The Talent System Framework is an evolution of the Talent Development Framework, providing greater clarity of the ideal experiences and environments that will support a players journey through the Talent System.

The purpose hasn’t changed – the framework has evolved to offer a more detailed reference and support system for all those operating in the Talent System.

All Home Nations Talent and Coaching teams have contributed to the development of the TSF and there have been key contributions from Talent and Performance Coaches and current and ex-players from across GB.

Each Home Nation National Governing Body (NGB) will align to the Talent System Framework and apply it through their lens, based on their own priorities and needs.

So what’s new / different?

  • Definition of Talent - We will all have our own definitions of what talent is. Having a shared definition and understanding is not just an academic exercise, it is a fundamental piece of the puzzle that sits behind talent. It is something to come back to when we encounter problems and have decisions to make.

  • Talent Stories / Journey - Every single player who has pulled on a GB or Home Nation shirt for an official cap has a different talent journey and we hear from four players with different journeys and different experiences.

  • Player Experience Model - A priority for the Talent System is to keep the player at the centre and the Player Experience Model outlines the ideal experience, ‘where a player is thriving’ in their environment. This can be used to underpin the RARE (right athlete right environment) principle when considering which environment is best for a child.

  • Complete Player Profile – After extensive consultation with numerous performance and talent coaches and past and present players (female and male, including many of the Rio and Seoul Olympic Gold Medallists) a consensus of THE COMPLETE PLAYER and what it takes to be a future Great British Hockey Squad member has been collated.

  • Hockey Intelligence – Increased Hockey Intelligence to support a players understanding of the game and the highly skilled actions required to support a players development within the Talent System. New Hockey Intelligence content is available on the Hockey Hub for all coaches, players and parents.

Understanding that operating within the Talent System can be complex and recognising the significant detail within the Talent System Framework we encourage all to read and digest the framework whilst we focus on helping bring the Talent System Framework to life. To do that we are committed to:

  • Facilitating and sharing good practice from the sport, against key sections of the Talent System Framework.

  • Providing a suite of engagement opportunities to better understand, reflect and support player development through the talent system.

  • Develop relevant resources to help all involved in the Talent System put the player at heart.

Hockey Wales Director of Performance Kevin Johnson said "We are very pleased to support the release of the Great Britain Hockey Talent System Framework, which is an exciting result of the collaborative work of all the home nations.

"We are extremely passionate in developing the experiences of players within our sport in Wales, as well as the development of those that coach and work with all our players.

"The Talent System Framework provides an important reference to the decision making of how we develop talent. I encourage all involved in this process throughout our Club, School and Pathway networks to read and consume the document, explore the content provided on the Hockey Hub to support the piece, and to engage and connect with the opportunities we will provide in the near future through our own Hockey Wales and GB Hockey’s Coach Development Team as we bring elements of it to life."

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