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Throwback Thursday

Wales Holds World Champions Germany to a Thrilling Draw!

On the 19th August Wales produced an incredible comeback to draw with world champions Germany in front of a sold out crowd at the European Championships.

Jack Pritchard was Wales’ hero, finding the net twice and securing the winner for Wales with just two minutes remaining.

Gareth Furlong was also critical to Wales’ outstanding result, producing a world class drag flick to close the gap on the World Champions.

Recalling his ‘Man of the Match’ worthy performance Jack Pritchard said:

“It’s always great to play the host nation, particularly when it is the World Champions in the first game of the tournament. We knew it would be a challenge, but knew if we defended well and took our chances when they came we could get a result.

It was probably one of our best results against a Top 10 nation we’ve had in recent times “

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