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Polisi Preifatrwydd

Privacy Policy

Name of Author Chief Executive Officer 

Approved by Board of Directors 

Approval dates April 2018 (version 1) 

April 2019 (version 2)  

April 2020 (version 3) 

October 2021 (version 4) 

Review Date April 2022 

Welsh Hockey Union Ltd t/a Hockey Wales (hereafter referred to by trading name) is committed to processing personal information about its members, partners and stakeholders in ways that comply with its legal and regulatory obligations. 

This Policy provides clarity to members, partners and stakeholders about how personal information is collected and how the personal information is used by Hockey Wales. 


Personal information that Hockey Wales may collect about an individual 

Hockey Wales may collect personal information when the Hockey Wales website is accessed, when Hockey Wales services are used or when an individual contacts Hockey Wales. 

The types of information collected include:  

  • individual names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact details 

  • information required to provide individuals with a service, and details of Hockey Wales services previously used 

  • club/company/stakeholder’s name, an individual’s position in Hockey Wales 

  • club/company/stakeholder’s email address and telephone number 

  • payment information such as bank, credit or debit card details 

  • information collected through the Hockey Wales website  

  • details of any enquiry or complaint made to Hockey Wales 


Why Hockey Wales collects personal information 

Hockey Wales collects personal information to: 

  • provide individuals with products and services that have been requested from Hockey Wales or selected third parties 

  • enhance or improve members, partners and stakeholder’s' experience of Hockey Wales products, services and the website 

  • improve and develop Hockey Wales services 

  • protect security e.g. to check the identity of individuals using Hockey Wales if relevant 

  • meet legal and regulatory obligations 

If individuals call any of the Hockey Wales telephone numbers, the call may be recorded. These recordings are used for training and quality control purposes, to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement to customer service standards. Page Break 

How Hockey Wales collects personal information 

Hockey Wales collects personal information: 

  • directly from members, partners, and stakeholders: e.g. when a member, partner, stakeholder signs up to receive Hockey Wales services or registers on the Hockey Wales website 

  • from third parties e.g. when third party marketing lists or information from the electoral roll are acquired; to authorise payments or to undertake an identity check 

  • when products or services are provided together with a business partner and the information is collected by the business partner in order for Hockey Wales to provide individuals with the product or service 


Who sees the information Hockey Wales holds? 

Members’, partners’, and stakeholders’ personal information may be provided to selected third parties: 

  • where members/partners/stakeholders have indicated they wish to receive information about products, services or promotions that may be of interest to them 

  • where services are provided together with a business partner and it is necessary to disclose the information to them in order to provide the services (e.g. Sport 80, Hockey Hub) 

  • for the prevention of fraud against Hockey Wales, third parties and members, partners, and stakeholders 

  • for the purposes of identity verification 

  • to prevent money laundering 

  • where products and services are provided to third parties by Hockey Wales e.g. for the purposes of identity verification and fraud prevention, and it is necessary to disclose information in order to provide the service 

Other third parties (including the police, law enforcement agencies, credit reference and fraud prevention agencies and other bodies) to protect Hockey Wales or another person’s rights, property, or safety e.g. 

  • to exchange information to protect against fraud and to reduce payment risks, if relevant 

  • in connection with the prevention and detection of crime 


Transfer of personal information outside of the UK 

Hockey Wales may need to transfer personal information about members/partners/stakeholders to third parties located outside the UK. In doing so, Hockey Wales will ensure that information is protected to a level which meets the requirements of UK law. 

Keeping personal information secure 

Hockey Wales is committed to keeping members’, partners’, and stakeholders’ personal information secure to protect the personal information from being inappropriately or accidentally accessed, used, shared, or destroyed, and against loss. 


How long we keep personal information 

Hockey Wales will only retain members’, partners’, and stakeholders’ personal information for as long as is needed to carry out a particular purpose or meet a particular obligation. 


Keeping personal information accurate 

Hockey Wales will ensure that personal information is kept accurate and up to date as far as is reasonably possible.  

It is acknowledged that Hockey Wales relies on members, partners, and stakeholders to ensure that any personal information held is accurate and up to date.  

Accordingly, members, partners, and stakeholders are encouraged to inform Hockey Wales of any changes to personal information. 


How to access Personal information 

Hockey Wales provides members, partners, and stakeholders with access to their personal information and the opportunity to amend and update details or communication preferences (including consent to receive marketing communications) in order to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. 

Details of personal information held may be requested by contacting Hockey Wales: 

  • Requests must be made in writing 

  • Proof of identification must be provided 

  • Enough details to locate personal information (for example, dates and details of website, products or services used) 

  • An optional application form may be provided to assist Hockey Wales in locating the information requested 



A member/partner/stakeholder may request information about products and services which may be of interest to them, however, Hockey Wales will not provide information that is not relevant to the request.  A member/ partner/ stakeholder may opt out of any information request if this is no longer required. 


Changes to the Hockey Wales Privacy Policy 

The Privacy Policy will be regularly reviewed, and any updates included in subsequent versions of the policy.  This Privacy Policy was last updated October 2021. 

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